Creating Custom Building Materials for Your Needs


Dubell Lumber has a large manufacturing plant for building materials and components in Millville, New Jersey. Our plant manufactures a wide range of materials, including large building trusses and wall panels. Throughout the years, we’ve been the top manufacturer for building materials for contractors and homeowners – now it’s your turn to take advantage of our high-quality, custom creations.



Rely on Dubell Lumber to produce any of the following building materials for your next construction or remodeling project:

• Trusses
• Wall panels
• Crown moldings
• Custom cabinets and doors
• Other interior and exterior supplies

Arranging and completing services with our specialists is easy. We’ll get to know you and your specific needs, then custom manufacture the products you're looking for. Trust that we’ll pick the right materials for the process and start production on the product as soon as possible.

You can count on us for anything from kitchen cabinets to floor trusses. Customers can pick up the finished materials or Dubell can deliver them to your location.

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• Clear span construction eliminates the need for interior bearings, also eliminates the need for I-beams and columns in basements.
• No interior walls are load bearing, they can be lighter.
• This also gives you more design flexibility.
• Floor truss design can be customized to accommodate HVAC runs and returns, eliminating un-sightly soffits.
• Mechanicals go in faster, no drilling or heading off joist, or worrying if bearings have been compromised. This should reduce cost in labor for all contractors down the line.
• Our designs meet or exceed the most rigid standards of performance.
• Every job includes a detailed layout with labeled trusses for exact fit and no cutting errors on joists.
• Plywood installation is much faster with a 3 1/2” top chord, which also allows for more glue area for less squeaking. Installation time over standard lumber is greatly reduced, saving you time and money.


• Reduces framing time by 60% over conventional lumber.
• Puts you under roof faster, helps in drawing construction loans faster.
• Less skill needed to set components versus framing, no matter how complicated.
• Our designers can turn any roof into trusses; valleys and hips are not a problem.
• Can be designed with heavy snow and wind loads.
• Clear spans further than conventional framing.
• Lightweight versus other structural products.
• Roof trusses are uniform from one to the next, which means no crowns or size variation making a clean line roof. No more humps and waves.
• We can also create attic space for heavy storage or mechanicals.
• Easily ventilate and insulate to get those high R-factors, keeping it green.


• We can turn any prints or drawings into a panelized job.
• All walls are built and sheathed on a squaring table to ensure accuracy.
• Any type of plywood or sheathing can be installed to walls.
• Panels are numbered and accompanied by a detailed layout.
• No more waste, or guessing on lumber takeoffs.
• Cut labor time by 35%.
• No more loose lumber to be pilfered on site.
• Just install panels and top plate to finish.

These are just some of the many advantages that components offer to our customers. We welcome you to come visit our manufacturing facility and discuss the options with us. We will work with you on your job to make a difference. If you have any questions, please contact your salesman or call us directly to begin saving “green” today